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During a meeting with a client this morning, he mentioned an article he had recently re-read about Facebook, written back in 2005. At that time, there were a few million Facebook users, and the article talked about how the social network would be mostly for college students.

Fast forward to today: Facebook now has more than 500 million users. And they are most definitely not just college students. My mom is on Facebook. My Grandma is on Facebook. And some people even have profiles for their dogs.

So, what’s my point? Well, other than the fact that I can no longer post scandalous photos on my profile (as if I ever did), social media is blowing up. And it’s not just the hardcore geeks who are blowing it up.

I just discovered this company, Futerra Sustainability Communications, a PR/communications firm based in the UK. They focus exclusively on CSR and sustainability, and have a rather kick-ass blog. One recent post discussed social media. I took one quote in it’s entirety, because it sums it up really well:

A key realisation that many at the table felt was that social media is moving ‘beyond the usual suspects’. This is in relation to age, sex, and location but also sustainability knowledge & engagement. Social media creates a dialogue with potential advocates that other media sources have little influence over.

So, basically, social media may be opening up doors to communicate issues of sustainability with people previously not very reachable. Of course, reaching out to people and actually affecting change are two completely different things.

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logo-1At exactly 8:30 last Saturday morning, I walked into the doors of the Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering for the 2nd Social Camp Memphis. I went to the first one, back in April, and learned a ton, so I was really looking forward to take two.

I was not disappointed. I started off the day in the session by MLGW communication experts Stacey Greenberg and Richard Thompson. Super cool how they are using Twitter for customer service. And they have a Facebook page and e a kick-ass blog. Energy companies get a bad rap, but MLGW is doing a great job of reaching out to customers. Again, what they are doing is a great example of how social media and sustainability can really go hand-in-hand to fuel innovation.

The second session I went to was called “Don’t Be a Social Media Douchebag.” Hey, I’m allowed to write the d-word… it’s the formal title of the session! The presenters were Kerry Crawford and Zachary Whitten. Great tips on what NOT to do on Facebook and Twitter. Most important thoughts: Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Know the rules of the social media tools you are using.

The final session of the day (for me… I had to scoot to Project: Motion dance class) was by Rod Kirby and was all about writing your blog more like a magazine (basically, tips on how to make money off your blog). He had some great advice, and even if I’m probably not going to start posting ads on this blog, his ideas apply to blog quality in general. Expect to see a few changes on here in the near future…

Overall, a successful day. Looking forward to the next Social Camp!

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