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FedEx is often on the cutting edge of sustainability. I wrote an article about their electric fleet for the Memphis Business Journal, and now, they are at it again, with pedicabs on the streets of Paris. There are currently three in operation, with plans to add several more in the near future.

The tricycles are started manually, and then powered by the driver, with some electric assistance. Not only are the vehicles completely free of CO2 emissions, they also allow the driver to avoid traffic by using pedestrian-only areas in the city.

Another plus? The driver in this video has some ripped calves from all the pedaling. I don’t know about you, but having my packages delivered in a sustainable way by a buff young driver makes all the sense in the world…


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This semester, I’m working at the Memphis Business Journal as an editorial intern. In addition to doing “intern-y” stuff, like event calendars, I also get to write one article a week. Last week, I interviewed Sam Snyder, chief engineer of FedEx Express’ Global Vehicles Strategic Support, about the company’s hybrid delivery truck fleet.

There are a total of 319 hybrid vehicles worldwide, with three right here in Memphis, Tenn. Snyder essentially said that the company hasn’t seen an impact on the financial bottom line, but they do consider these trucks an investment, and expect to see actual dollar savings in the future.

In terms of environmental impacts, though, FedEx has achieved a lot. Since the hybrid fleet was first created in 2004, the company has reduced fuel use by 200,000 gallons.

Of course, for a huge international company like FedEx, investing in innovative practices is not such a big deal, since they have a large budget to absorb the costs into. For smaller companies, it’s more difficult. However, Snyder did say that by using hybrid vehicles and making them more mainstream, FedEx hopes to drive down prices, which would open up the possibility for other, smaller companies to invest in hybrids.

Article published in Memphis Business Journal

Unfortunately, I can’t link to the full article, because it’s only available to paid subscribers. This is an excerpt, though.

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