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Like most Americans, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing on September 11, 2001. I was getting ready to go to class at Cuesta College. I logged into Yahoo!, and saw a news headline about burning buildings. I was more interested in checking my e-mail, so I ignored it.

Then, my dad walked in the house, his face like I had never seen it before. We turned on the television, and my life and worldview changed forever.

At that moment, we were very worried about more attacks, especially since we lived just miles from the Diablo Canyon nuclear Power Plan. I remember reading in the phone book about how to respond if the plant ever exploded or melted down. “Stay inside. Take your pets inside the house. Keep your windows closed and the air vents off.”

Right. That’s definitely going to stop the radiation from getting to me.

It’s serious business. Just this year, we saw the devastation that can happen when an earthquake or other natural disaster hits a plant. I think we will see the effects of the Tokyo disaster for many, many years to come.

Other countries, like Germany, have committed to shutting down their nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, the U.S. is all “nuke, baby, nuke!” and continues to invest in nuclear energy.

This is the moment when I put my head in my hands, a bit mortified. Sometimes, being an American makes me feel like I wear “Stupid” on my forehead.

This is a great blog series on this whole debate, published on Grist. I challenge you to read it, and really consider whether you are comfortable with the idea of generating power by using an extremely toxic, and yes, dangerous, method.

(BTW, this is just my opinion. Please feel free to start a heated debate by commenting below. I’ll play nice… I promise. 🙂

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